High Shear Models

Multi Shaft Mixers
Multi-Shaft Mixers are available in fixed tank and change can designs. They are also offered in dual or triple shaft configurations to match up with your specific process needs.

The Dual Shaft design includes a conventional high speed disperser and a three-wing anchor agitator. This configuration is ideal for straightforward dispersion and mixing applications.

The Triple Shaft model extends the operating range of this product line by adding either a high shear rotor-stator mixer, or a second high speed disperser. The addition of a high shear rotor-stator mixer adds the capability of emulsifying and homogenizing products that require higher shear to reduce the size of the particles being mixed.

Both designs are available in sizes that range from 1 gallon laboratory up to 4000 gallon production models. The change can units are built through 1000 gallons capacity.

All units are available with the following options:

  • vacuum construction
  • jackets for heating or cooling
  • sanitary design
  • numerous discharge valve selections
  • cover openings to meet your needs
  • a range of horsepower selections for the agitators
  • scrapers to wipe the vessel walls
  • variable speed drives
  • control packages, simple & sophisticated
  • special coatings
  • a range of materials of construction

Use our Mixer Selection Chart to help select a mixer for your specific needs.