High Shear Mixers - Photos

Series 100

Series 100 High Shear Rotor-Stator Mixers are available from 1/2 through 100 HP. All are constructed with stainless steel wetted parts.

Series 500

Series 500 Mixers are used when a mechanical seal is required for vacuum or pressure service.

Series 500 Sanitary

Series 500 Mixers are deigned for vacuum or pressure operation and for use in sanitary processing environments.

Explosion Proof Model

Laboratory models used with flammable materials require explosion proof motors to enable safe operation.

100 Series on Hydraulic Lift

The Batch Mixers are available with permanent air/oil hydraulic lifts to automatically raise and lower the mixer from a fixed position vessel.

LSK-I Model

The LSK-I model of our laboratory design is both economical and easy to use. Included are a vari-speed drive & an automated power lift.

Series 100 - Portable Stand

Batch Series 100 mixers are frequently used with portable hydraulic lifts to enable there portability and use in multiple mix tanks.